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From the inception of the World Methodist Evangelism Institute (WMEI) in 1982, Candler School of Theology at Emory University has served as an important joint sponsor. Candler provides our offices in the Rita Anne Rollins Building on the Emory campus in Atlanta, GA.  Candler also provides vital administrative and faculty support for the institute.

Emory University was founded in Oxford, GA in 1836 by the Methodist Church. This institution currently has 15,000 students and 2,500 faculty members who represent all regions of the United States and some 90 foreign nations. Emory has nine major academic divisions, numerous centers for advanced study, and a host of prestigious affiliated institutions. In addition to Emory College, the University has a graduate school of arts and sciences; professional schools of medicine, theology, law, nursing, public health, and business; and Oxford College, a two-year undergraduate division on the original campus of Emory in Oxford, GA.

Housed at this large liberal arts University, WMEI greatly benefits from the academic setting, faculty, library and classroom facilities of the University. In addition, our location in Candler School of Theology provides scores of seminary students accessibility to our ministries and resources. Annually, close to 30 Candler students attend WMEI seminars and complete the additional course work for 3 hours of academic credit. These students, who are from an array of Christian denominations, often return with glowing reports of their experiences in WMEI seminars facilitated in various global contexts. Because of our location on Emory’s campus, many of our seminar participants come from Candler. However, our seminars are open to and frequently attended by students from a variety of other seminaries as well.


The World Methodist Evangelism Institute is a joint ministry of the World Methodist Council.  The World Methodist Council is the body that links the global Pan-Methodist family in 130 countries.  More than 36 million members belong to these churches worldwide. Consequently, our reach is vast extending to communities of 70+ million people worldwide.

Since its founding in 1881 the World Methodist Council has worked to connect churches across the Wesleyan tradition. This work has enabled churches to learn from one another, find mutual support, as well as ways to engage in a united witness.  One very significant way of engaging in this united witness is through the work of its World Methodist Evangelism Division.

Inaugurated in 1971 by action of the World Methodist Council, the World Methodist Evangelism Division called upon member churches to:

  • Dialogue with churches about what is needed for effective evangelism in the region.

  • Multiply the witnesses for Jesus Christ

  • Work with established congregations to plant new churches throughout the region.

  • Develop new resources for Christian missions

The WMEI is the arm of World Methodist Evangelism that has partnered with indigenous leaders to develop effective strategies in evangelism.  The WMEI Director, Dr. L. Wesley de Souza, works closely with Executive Director, Dr. Kimberly Reisman and global leaders of the World Methodist family sponsoring evangelism seminars around the world. These leaders come from various autonomous Methodist Conferences, related United Churches, and, more broadly, churches in the Wesleyan tradition. Pastors and lay leaders from all of these traditions participate in our global seminars. Additionally, many pastors receive continuing education credit for these seminars.

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