To develop clergy & lay leaders in the worldwide Methodist/Wesleyan movement who seek to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through civic engagement, respectful dialogue, & innovative action


That the world may know Jesus Christ through our words, deeds & actions


Explore new & contextual forms of evangelism, Train & equip faith leaders, Connect & mobilize leaders globally, Provide cross-cultural experiences in world evangelism


I am excited to welcome you to the World Methodist Evangelism Institute’s new website. 


As you may know, WMEI is a cooperative missional ministry of World Evangelism (WME), the World Methodist Council and Candler School of Theology, and offers opportunities for study and research in the nature and practice of evangelism. It is our hope that 2018 will provide more opportunities for growth, renewal and imaginative practices related to evangelism in the pan-Wesleyan movement! We are dreaming big, and with big dreams come bigger responsibilities!  


As we are in conversations around refocusing, reframing and reimagining our organization, we realize that the nature of our mission goes beyond us as individuals, and even as an Institute.  It is God’s own mission, and this, in itself, is good news! This is even beyond our own personal scope and ability to measure and embrace by ourselves.  We can rest assured that God is at work in the world, continuing to share with all who are part of the pan-Wesleyan movement as faithful participants in God's mission, God’s intent to reconcile the world with God’s self.


Our new website is just a tiny initiative within a larger plan, as we continue to dream big in 2018 and beyond. I hope you appreciate our new format and enjoy the new tools for accessing our calendar of events, information on our seminars, resources and reflections on what it means to be evangelistic in our pan-Wesleyan family now and into the future. As we continue to discern the best path forward, to make sure WMEI’s mission is accomplished step by step, we hope you’ll join us in the important work of faithfully participating in God’s mission to all the world! 


L. Wesley de Souza

Director of WMEI